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Everything Miranda Jarrett does is magic, raved Affaire de Coeur, and each novel in her award-winning Fairbourne family saga sparkles with her special touch. Now, she returns to the seafaring world of colonial Massachusetts to spin a breathtaking new tale -- a voyage of the heart where love is as tempest-tossed as the mighty Atlantic itself.As proprietor of the most fashionable shop in Boston, Amelie Lacroix knows all about creating the elegant style and glittering gowns her wealthy clients adore. But Amelie herself has no time for flirtatious games with eligible men -- until a magical wedding feast, where dashing sea captain Zach Fairbourne entices her into the garden for a moonlit kiss. Without warning, practical Amelie finds herself dreaming of love and romance in Zachs arms.Zach Fairbourne has been enchanted by women the world over, and in love with none. He thought Amelie would be a passing fancy, a pretty miss to dally with for a few sweet days while ashore. But the rich, deep passion of their kiss sets his heart reeling with dreams of a home, a family, and one woman to cherish for the rest of his life. And when the high sea call him back, Zach must test the waters of true love to find if hearts from two different worlds can somehow build a lasting bond to treasure.

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